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LaCora Stephens is a southern girl raised in Jacksonville, Florida that's always had a love for the arts. Her degree in theatre at FAMU sparked a passion for authentic characters and dramatic stories inspired by August Wilson and Lorraine Hansberry. LaCora's latest and most notable work, "7 SHARP", her directorial debut is a story of suspense, guilt, and moral gravity. Revolving around three generations of black women, a sinister family secret divides them. A story so common, but rarely even whispered among others. Stephens serves as founder of Building Tables Productions, a production company that creates, develops, and produces independent content that will enhance the quality life of her viewers. She believes it’s time we see the full scope of black humanity presented in as many different stories as possible. She's on to something. 7 SHARP took home its first award for BEST FILM at the inaugural Leimert Park Cultural Film Festival. One thing’s for sure—she’s going to keep writing more compelling stories and do her best to disrupt the visual of the ones that sit at these tables that everyone keeps talking about.




Gerald Jones has been in media and broadcast for years highlighting faith-based content. He is executive producer of "Jesus Is Our Jubilee", a television program committed to getting The Good News (Gospel) to its viewers. Jones has showcased a diverse variety of ministers from varying viewpoints Preaching and Teaching the same Gospel of Love; however, he's seeking to branch out in film. "7 SHARP" marks the first film that Gerald has produced. As an EP on the short, he has displayed massive support representing at the Diversity in Cannes, Pasadena International Film Festival, Jacksonville International Film Fest, and the Hollywood Film Festival. It is there, where Gerald met and partnered with Dirt Merchants Films Universe, his newest venture. 

Madalyn Lawson-Producer



Madalyn Lawson is a screenwriter from Catherine, AL. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2008, to break into the entertainment industry, she has worked on numerous commercials, short films, features, and television shows as a background actor as well as in production. Since Madalyn always loved watching television growing up, she decided to focus her efforts on becoming a writer. In 2017, she landed a production assistant position on a network show for CBS. After four seasons, she worked her way up the ladder and currently serves as one of the writers’ assistants.




Darin Craddolph is a filmmaker based in Pasadena, California. Darin has recently started his own video production company under DC Productions. He serves as producer and script consultant on “7 SHARP”. Darin is currently a director and producer of a vodcast talk show entitled "Breaking the Silence of Design", hosted by producers Karen Compton and Gabriel Bullock. "BTSD" was created to begin dialogue regarding inequality and diversity in the architectural world. Currently in its second season, the program consists of ten 20-30min episodes. Darin also served as DP and co-director on a web series entitled  “Emilio”, written and directed by Adina Turman. Darin has also worked on several projects past and present with playwright and director, Kosmond Russell, which include: The Sermon, The Dealership, and The Message and more.




Sarah Winters is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles. An MFA graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts, Sarah has 6+ years of experience in production and has shot narrative, documentary, commercial, and corporate work. In that time, she has lensed over 80 projects. As a director of photography, she seeks to create rich images that are emotionally and intellectually resonant with viewers. Inspirations include Roger Deakins and Kate Arizmendi, and hobbies are visiting her hometown (Chicago) and hanging out with her dog.

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